Ministry Staff


Erin Horomanski
Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Hey everyone! My name is Erin and I am the loudest and proudest Northeast Ohio native that ever stepped foot on Texas soil! The Christian life was always a strong part of my upbringing. Going to church, praying before meals, and attending CCD classes. We were the typical cookie cutter Christians who were "doing everything right." I came into the Lifeteen youth program my freshman year of high school and to be honest, Jesus got me. I discovered in my own heart a joy, a love, and a meaning that was indescribable. I had a youth minister that was so humble and zealous for our hearts and souls. It was a parish that bought into in a program of evangelizing teenagers that I encountered the heart of God and found myself desiring to serve the Church as a career. I quickly found myself committing to further my education at Franciscan University of Steubenville where I received my BA in Theology and Catechetics with minors in Youth Ministry and Human Life Studies. Through everything, I learned that a relationship with Jesus was the only one who could fill all my desires.

My first taste of the great state of Texas was serving on staff at The Pines Catholic Camp for three consecutive summers in college. Those who know me well describe me as a "wondering woman" or "vagabond." I've always been the one in my family to follow my own path and choose the road less traveled. Through my years of bouncing around and working in ministry all over the country I have met the most incredible people. These opportunities allowed me to see the world as it really is: full of hope, dreams, and people struggling for a chance to be happy. It was in 2016 when Jesus called my wandering heart to sink roots in the lonestar state and I can't imagine my life anywhere else besides using the gifts God gave me to evangelize the young people of Dallas.


Margaret Cressionnie
Youth Ministry Associate

Hello! My name is Margaret and I am so excited to be here at Prince of Peace!  I grew up here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in a Catholic family and was very involved in youth group at an awesome parish from 7th through 12th grade. Even still, I was content just checking off the “church” box on my to-do list every week and struggled to allow Jesus into my daily life. Growing up, I had so many other priorities that I viewed my faith as a requirement or quota to meet rather than an invitation into a relationship with the only one who could satisfy me.  It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that my faith became my own and completely transformed the way I lived. I attended Texas A&M University (WHOOP!) and it was through St. Mary’s Catholic Center and the incredible community there that I truly came to know the person of Jesus. I was in awe of the holiness of my peers which led me to dive deeper into prayer where I discovered how joyful a life with Christ is.  In His Sacred Heart, I found true freedom, peace, and fulfillment that has changed my life.

Throughout my time at Texas A&M, I struggled to discern what God was calling me to after college.  I ended up choosing to major in Psychology and through consistently seeking His heart, I discovered that my greatest passion is in ministry. This desire to work for the Church was deepened even more through working at The Pines Catholic Camp for 2 summers and spending time throughout college volunteering at a local parish’s youth group.  During my internship at St. Mary’s Catholic Center, it struck me that a career in youth ministry was where God was calling me. I am overjoyed that God has led me back home to the DFW area, and I feel so blessed to work to build His kingdom here in Dallas.


Eric Wilkes
Youth Ministry Associate

Hi! My name is Eric Wilkes and I’m so grateful to be on staff here at Prince of Peace! I am originally a Louisiana native hailing from it’s capital of Baton Rouge. My family is blessed with many branches and I grew up as the youngest in the family. I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelors in General Studies where I studied music and communication in hopes to pursue music ministry full time. After graduating I traveled nationally and internationally as a full time freelance musician playing primarily at retreats and conferences.

I was born the son of a very faithful and passionately Catholic mom. When I was very young she instilled in me two very important truths that have stayed with me; God is your loving Father and He will always provide for you. As the son of a single mom who had four kids and just as many jobs, I watched God provide everything we needed and more through the help, support, and generosity of others in our family and in our community. My faith grew in a new way after meeting my lifelong best friend who encouraged me to enter into a more personal relationship with Jesus. At the age of twelve, while at a conference, I had a powerful experience in prayer through music and shortly after, felt the call to lead people in prayer through music because of the powerful experience that I had. At the age of 15, I began leading worship and began playing drums for the youth mass at my home parish. It was my love of music that led me to discover the richness of my Catholic faith because when I would play music for retreats, I would listen more intently to what was being said. Music played a great role in pulling me outside of myself and closer to Jesus. After my freshman year of college, I was asked to serve with NET Ministries and served for two years on a mission team leading retreats for high school and middle school students all over the country. After serving with NET Ministries, I returned to Louisiana, obtained my Bachelor’s degree, and continued to pursue traveling music ministry full time after graduation.

Having traveled to almost 40 different states and three different countries over the course of four years, I found a deep desire growing within me for a place where I could continue to share my gifts without having to leave the community that I lived with or the people I was serving so often. I wanted consistency, community, and a place where I could grow in ways that I wasn’t while traveling. Through the encouragement of one of my best friends, I took a leap of faith and applied for the open High School Youth Minister position at Prince of Peace and I am so grateful to have been accepted. This community has welcomed me with such warmth and hospitality and there is a vibrancy here unlike any that I have seen in all of my travels. The youth that I get to work with are incredible and inspire me to want to be the best youth minister that I can be. I am so grateful that God has called me to grow in community and  share my gifts here at Prince of Peace.


Will Hickl
Youth and Young Adult Worship Leader

Howdy! My name is Will, and I have the pleasure and honor of serving Prince of Peace at the 5pm Sunday Mass! I was born in Houston and lived in Sugar Land my entire life. I attended Texas A&M University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. In 2012, I worked at a software company specializing in motor fuel tax automation. I went on to work for PwC, then Ernst and Young.

Though I enjoyed life in corporate America, I felt I was being called elsewhere. As I traveled the country with my band leading worship, my desire to become a professional music minister became so strong that I knew I had to let go of the security the corporate world offered me and trust in God to provide for my needs. Just to confirm that I had discerned rightly, the Lord saw to it that I got laid off the month before I had planned to turn in my letter of resignation.

I went on to find a part time role, providing music for the youth Mass at St. Angela Merici near Sugar Land. I also became the “go-to” music minister for all the youth events and retreats. I have been fortunate to travel the world leading worship for numerous communities since leaving the corporate world, and the Lord has clearly shown me that He wants to give me so much more than I could ever dream for myself.

I am grateful that the Lord has called me to Prince of Peace to help continue building a culture of encounter and prayer, and a spirit of worship. I am humbled by the warm reception I have found from this amazing community. I encourage you to come pray with us at the 5pm Mass if your schedule permits, and please introduce yourself - I’d love to meet you!